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Smart Recycling

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Smart Battery Recycling

Our Purpose-built IoT Solution helps companies to digitalise their logistics processes. By equipping the battery collection point with smart sensors on a large scale, we can optimize the storage and collection of batteries, making it safer and more efficient.

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Smart Waste Management
Equipping your collection points with smart sensors can optimize your storage and collection process in many ways. Our high quality and robust IoT sensors offer multiple benefits, like a better planning and service to your customers (and their customers).

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Lithium storage monitoring

We proactively monitor Lithium storage:

- Detect potential hazardous situations continuously
- Prevent: activate local fire and heat containing measures (water, gas, foam)
- Appropriate communication based on risk level: local alarm, centralized alarm, emergency services alarm,..

Gathering data from collection points in a secure way,
assuring safety in storage and transport:

- Polyvalent platform with multi-connection possibility
- Gas, temperature, fill level

Our purpose-built IoT solution solves the need for:

- Safer storage & transport
- More efficient logistics process for collection of valuable goods
- Collection of info on valuable resources in the field, helping our customer to make better data-driven decisions

Making recycling and waste collection processes safer and more efficient

Unitron Connect believes in a circular economy and green energy. Through our close partnership with leaders in the recycling industry, we combine +25 years of experience in data collection technology and recycling process knowhow.


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