The ideal partner for your IoT projects


Our in-house research center will help you find the perfect hardware solution for your application.

We focus on:
  • Multi-modal connectivity
  • (Low) power / battery research
  • RF Antenna design & testing
  • Multi sensor integration
  • Industrialisation


From labs to automated in-line test beds

Test and verification

  • Naked board test
  • HALT & Environmental testing
  • EMC certification preparation
  • ESD, Surge,…
  • Full functional testing

  Automatic registration all parameters

  • QR and EAN code readers
  • QC test- and reporting
  • Thorough and long-term live tests


Design for manufacturability and scalability.

From trials, POC’s, small series to fully automated production for SMD and casing:
  • Solder paste printing
  • Reflow soldering process
  • LOI inspection
  • X-ray inspection
Competitivness: leveraging the "economies of scale" and flexible robotized production lines of the UnitronGroup, we can source and produce at the most competitve pricing levels.

Our Approach

How to support you during each step of a project cycle?

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Hardware development LoRaWAN - Sigfox Panic Button

We develop cutting-edge hardware solutions for your IoT project. Using ultra low power technology combined with high performance antenna radiation, we can develop hardware with long battery life.


website service

Managing your IoT hardware platform

Our UCloud based IoT application is a great example which shows a real time working demo based on LoRaWAN. The platform is not limited to LoRa but can be scaled up to other technologies like Sigfox, NB-IoT, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.


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